In Playing Elden Ring in the cloud, I went through a lot of trouble setting up a cloud PC gaming server. Since then, I bought a Steam Deck. Overall, I’ve been enjoying this solution a lot more. It works offline (on the plane) and for latency-sensitive games.

It’s also substantially easier for my wife to pick up and start playing something, compared to launching an entire cloud PC and connecting via Steam Remote Play. And there’s something to be said for playing on the couch next to my loved ones, rather than in our dungeon home office.

Additionally, I recently beat the final boss in Enter the Gungeon after much longer than I expected given my general skill level: ~90 (!) hours via cloud PC followed by ~10 hours via Steam Deck. Being a “bullet hell” game, it’s much more latency-sensitive than games in other genres, so I wonder if the additional latency of the cloud PC was hindering my performance. Alternatively, maybe I just got good.

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